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Fall Decluttering Safety Checklist by Kids in Danger

If you’re thinking about decluttering your home to get it ready for the holidays, here are a few child safety tips to keep in mind:

If you donate or sell any used children’s products, crosscheck with the CPSC website and for any recalled or reported products. It’s illegal to sell recalled products.

Car seats and helmets are unsafe to purchase second-hand because of the possibility that they have been in an accident rendering them unsafe for further use. If you come across a car seat you know has been in an accident or is expired, it’s better to toss it or take it to a recycling program. When you throw away a car seat, cut the straps so it won’t be reused.

Only donate cribs that were made after June 28, 2011; those cribs meet the

testing standard. Include all hardware for the new owner.

KID recommends tossing out rather than donating any bath seats, infant inclined sleep products or walkers because they are inherently unsafe.

Now is a good time to anchor furniture such as dressers, TV stands, and televisions to reduce risk of tip-overs. Read about how to anchor furniture here.

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