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Resources for Parents & Caregivers


Mobile Applications to Monitor Driving and/or Restrict Cell Phone Use 

Apps are compatible with Android and iOS and do not disable Bluetooth calls or GPS navigation

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Safety in a Box

Safety resources on various topics to download or borrow from Safe Kids Chicago.

Need to do a safety program for kids? We've got resources to borrow or download on general safety, poison prevention, car & child passenger safety, drowning prevention, fire & burn safety, home & sleep safety, and pedestrian & bicycle safety.

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safety resources

Cars/Child Passenger Safety

Cars/Child Passenger Safety

Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Downloadable activity sheets

(for teaching about seat belts, car seats and booster seats)

Sign Hunt Game

Car and Bus Safety for Pre-Schoolers Game/Activity

Fire and Burn Safety

Safe Kids Worldwide

Water Watcher Cards

Home Safety Activity Book

Home and Sleep Safety

Home Safety Activity Book

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Safety News

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