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September 23rd is Seat Check Saturday

Questions About Car Seats?

This week is a great week to get them answered. We get it. Car seats are confusing. It’s confusing to know which one to choose for your child. It’s confusing to install them into your vehicle. It’s also confusing to know the proper way to fit your child into their seat once it’s installed in your vehicle. Despite efforts to make car seats easier to install into vehicles, parents and caregivers are still finding it confusing.

One of the best ways to make sure you get all the proper information is to attend a Car Seat Check-Up event. Saturday, September 23rd is Seat Check Saturday, a national effort intended to encourage families to get their car seats checked. Our Buckle Up Team has an event scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd from 10a-12p at the Brickyard Shopping Center outside the 36th Ward office, 6560 W Fullerton in Chicago. We’ll have plenty of nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians on hand to check your child’s car seat installation. If that time or location doesn’t work for you, please reach out to our Buckle Up Team at 312-227-7081 or Every week, we have FREE virtual and in-person car seat check appointments available to the general public. We are here to help and answer all your car seat questions.

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